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Show Ball 3 Video Bingo

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Bingo is one of the most acclaimed games in Australia. At charity parties, parties at the end of the year, on several other occasions it is always possible to find families taking advantage of the fun. In addition, online casinos are always updating their games, bringing many free bingos video and also paid bets, with a very large diversity of special resources and good payments. Show Ball 3 is an example of lucrative game where you can make lots of money, just choose your cards and expect the awarded balls.

By playing Show Ball 3, you will realize how easy your functions and additional features are. Here are some game settings, learn quickly, take advantage of this electrifying game that has become a fever between online casino bettors.

Video Information Bingo Show Ball 3

This game offers 4 cards with 15 numbers so you have more chances to win. 30 balls are drawn and then you will be entitled to 12 extra balls. Check out the following more information about the game.

  • How to play: To choose your cards, simply click above any of them and automatically all will be exchanged. If you want to remove some carton click on "X" that is located at the top of the cards. Choose the value of the bet then click the "Play" button. Quickly the 30 balls will be drawn and the winning results will be marked in red while the combinations that would give additional prizes.
  • Patterns and accumulated: To win it is necessary to form one of the patterns that are available on the game's home screen. The prizes of each combination will also be described below the standards. If you can score the same default in more than one card, a multiplier will appear to indicate how many awards the combination has brought. The accumulated, when activated, will reward anyone who completes a carton with a good cash prize.
  • settings: Select Settings and you can choose the draw speed (Normal or Turbo) if you want the background music or even if you want to keep the effects of the game. In the left corner of the screen you can leave in the mute and access the help menu.

Play for free and see how it works in Practice Show Ball 3, you will quickly know what takes so many Australians to appreciate this game.