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Double Exposure Blackjack Gold Online

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Max. Bet 200

Blackjack of Microgaming Microgaming Critique

Blackjack is a quite popular card game among many players. In this article, we shall see the Blackjack online game, developed by microgaming. Microgaming is a leading developer of online gaming games that uses the main online casinos and also provides reliable quality games, great graphics and vivid design. This developer cares about his reputation and pays great attention to players' safety and honesty. This developer has the following licenses and permissions:

  • Malta Games Committee;
  • eCogra;
  • Manx e-Gaming Association;
  • Remote game association.

The game of this developer supports different betting sizes. In this way, the player can determine how much he can bet. The advantage of this developer's game allows you to participate in the game as a new customer who is just testing this site and is not ready to bet large amounts immediately. Thanks to the developer, the game has a well thought out and good graphics design. The game's bottom plays a great lounge music, with the possibility of you choose the sound of your preference.
As the game has good animation and graphics, it creates an intense game atmosphere. You can also set your bets in just a few clicks. The game interface is also quite simple and easy to use. If you play this game with real money, you can also get a lucrative payment with payments made on all popular banking systems or electronic wallets. The disadvantage of this game is that the croupier in almost all cases remains in the blue when it gains some equal result, as well as the fact that the blackjack is paid only for money, not the traditional 3: 2, so before playing this game , we advise you to read all the instructions and rules of the site.

Gameplay and resources

The convenience and ease of use of the game for players are very important because each player wants to focus on gameplay. Likewise, the BlackJack game developed by Microgaming It is very simple and comfortable to use for players. In addition, this game has many convenient features that will help you make the most of the game. One of these features is that during the game you can see the hand from the dealer completely, unlike other versions of this game where you can see only a letter. This feature allows you to browse and make the right choice as to when to hit and when you continue moving. You should also pay attention to the fact that the dealer remains in blue when the result is the same.

This game developed by Microgaming is available in computer and cell versions and is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems, while the site maintains an excellent quality of playback and all functions. Developers are still constantly trying to improve all the features of this game so players can play from any device on a convenient website. In this way, developers follow all the latest trends in the field of game development.